Tournament winner Tim Dyer, far left. Photo courtesy Seward Chamber of Commerce

Tim Dyer of Hamersville, Ohio, landed the heaviest halibut of the month when he caught a 248-pounder near the end of the tournament on June 26. The winning fish has frequently been caught in the closing days of June, often on the last or second-to-last day of the tournament.

Dyer’s halibut, which he caught with Captain Keoni Tamayo of the charter company ProFish-n-Sea, outdoes last year’s winning fish, a 236-pound halibut caught by Ermagene Aalund of Fullerton, Calif.

The winning fish was just one of three different 200-plus-pound halibut caught last week. Each one altered the leaderboard, and all three anglers finished in the top three. The tournament runner-up, Mohamad Harunani, caught a 212-pound fish on June 24. The following day, Donald Johnson landed a 206-pound halibut.