The middle and high school chapters of Sources of Strength put on an assembly at Seward Middle School on Thursday, where they introduced their fellow students to the principles behind Sources of Strength, sharing games and personal stories along the way.

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The student presenters quickly got the attention of their audience by playing a set of icebreaker games that would be familiar to most anyone who ever spent time at a summer camp. Students got all tangled up in “The Human Knot,” chased one another for “Duck, Duck, Goose,” and cheered one another on during an epic “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tournament. 

Sources of Strength is a “student-led, upstream suicide prevention program,” said coordinator Andrew Scrivo. Recognizing that life has its difficulties, “we try to spread messages of hope, help and strength to illuminate the fact that we all have strengths in our lives to get us through these tough times. Our goal is impart positive change in the school climate by creating relationships between peers [and] adults and create a safe place in our schools and community where we can all get help for ourselves and our friends when we need it.”