Rebecca Dixon

Seward Middle School Social Studies Teacher Rebecca Dixon celebrates her status as a James Madison Memorial Fellow. Photo courtesy Rebecca Dixon.

Seward Middle School Social Studies Teacher Rebecca Dixon has been awarded Alaska’s 2021 James Madison Memorial Fellowship. Every year the prestigious fellowship is awarded to one social studies teacher from each state, and includes a monetary award of $24,000 toward the cost of a Master’s degree in History with a focus on the US Constitution. Upon receiving the fellowship, Dixon declared her intent to pursue her degree at Norwich University in Vermont.

“Norwich just really stood out to me because the class selection was varied,” Dixon said. “It had what I needed. It does focus on the Constitution pretty heavily, but it offered some really amazing history classes that I’m just super excited to take.”

Dixon currently holds a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Arts in Teaching. She is currently completing the application process for the Norwich graduate program, and hopes to begin online classes in September. While in school, Dixon said she will continue to teach, with the additional workload similar to the one she undertook for her Bachelor’s degree.

“It’s not something new,” she said. “I know master’s is a little more intense, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to doing.”

Dixon went on to add that she one day hopes to obtain a PhD in US History, with the ultimate goal of eventually becoming a university professor. “But that’s a long ways down the road.”