On Monday and Tuesday Seward High School said goodbye to the class of 2020 in an unusual way. 

Individual graduation ceremonies are being held in the Seward High School Theater where decorations of green and gold have been arranged by SHS staff. Graduates had the option to sign up for a fifteen-minute time slot when they could receive their diplomas surrounded by a small group of close friends and family. 

“I like how this graduation is more personal…. Even though it is more lowkey than normal, it is nice that it’s just with people you know,” says graduate Jonah Lindquist, taking a positive view on the proceeding. 

To begin the event, close friends and relations with invitations were gradually ushered through the west door of the theater where they were spaced out at intervals of six feet. 

Each ceremony started with Principal Trevan Walker announcing the graduation of a certain student. That student then crossed the stage and collected a diploma from a table, moving the tassel on his or her cap from one side to the other. 

A cardboard cutout of long-time teacher Ronn Hemstock stood on the edge of the stage to congratulate students as they stepped out of the theater into the next phase of their lives. 

Despite the abnormality of the proceedings, one key component of a traditional graduation remained the same: the photos. When each ceremony was complete, the families of each graduate crowded around their sons and daughters while photo after photo was taken. 

Lydia Jacoby is a rising junior at Seward High School, She is working as an intern for the Seward Journal this summer. In addition to being a full time student, she writes for the Seward High School online paper and is a competitive swimmer. She can be reached at news@sewardjournal.com.