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They may not have had the best record in the league, but the girls varsity team proved they are the classiest team in the league. 

The Seahawks were unable to snag one last win for the season. Despite having a less than stellar record, the Seahawks compensated by showing the most heart and sportsmanship. The team has a young core of players that have gained valuable experience and improved greatly throughout the course of the season.

Going into the 2019 3-A Southcentral Regional Basketball Championship, the Seahawks went up against the top seeded Anchorage Christian School Lions. The Seahawks had recently played ACS the weekend before the tournament, a game they lost by 50 points.

This time around they were prepared. 

In the first period, the Seahawks showed that they were not going to be brushed aside by the top seed. The first half of the period was a defensive showdown. 

Seward struck first blood with a free throw by sophomore Anavey Ambrosiani. ACS scored a pair of baskets in the next four minutes. The Seahawks added another free throw from freshman Hannah Schilling and found themselves trailing 4–2 mid period. 

ACS then found a crack in the Seahawks defense and expanded their lead. Seward, unable to respond offensively, fell behind and was never able to recover. By halftime the Seahawks trailed 34–10 and would eventually lose 71–23.

But one thing this reporter found more interesting than the game was the attitude of the Seahawks’ coaches and players. Whenever a player hit the floor or got clocked in the face, the first player there to pick them up was a Seward Seahawk.

Head Coach Curtis Berry confirmed that building character was just as valuable to him and his staff as going undefeated, saying he hopes each of his players “continue to grow as a basketball player and through that, continue to grow as a person,” Berry said. 

Seward lost a rematch game against Redington in the second round, ending their season. 

Seniors Ashley Jackson and Riley von Borstel are the two players leaving the team at the conclusion of the season. Borstel lead the team in scoring and Jackson lead in steals and assists. 

Throughout the season the Seahawks have shown growth, especially from the underclassman on the team. A strong core of sophomore and juniors will be returning for the 2019–2020 season. 

Juniors Sophia Dow and Shelly Sewell are set to return. Dow, who saw a considerable amount of playing time early in the season, had her season cut short due to a knee injury. Sewell also saw a good amount of action throughout the season. Both players will help at the post position. 

Five Sophomores are also set to return, three of whom were regular starters throughout the season. Anavey Ambrosiani, Sequoia Sieverts, Katelyn Lemme, Selma Casagranda and Wren Dougherty will all be back in the lineup next year.

Ambrosiani and Lemme both stand to be potential threats behind the arc and will likely continue to act as shooting guards. 

Dougherty along with Freshman Hannah Schilling and Shelby Sieminski swung between JV and varsity throughout the year and will look to play a bigger role next season.

Schilling found the most playing time out of the swingers often being the first player off the bench. 

During the award ceremony three Seahawks received awards for sportsmanship and All-Region Team honors. Ambrosiani represented Seward for sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Borstel was named to the second All-Region Team and Jackson was named to the first All-Region Team. 

“We still have some building to do and we have a nice core group of young girls coming back next season,” Berry said. “We are going to miss our seniors.

“They’ve represented our school over the years, and they will be missed.”