Graduation parade

Fire department vehicles lead the Seward High School Class of 2020 on the graduation parade.

The class of 2020’s senior parade last Tuesday night – 19 of May – finished off this year’s graduation celebrations with a bang.

Snaking down from Seward High School all the way to the waterfront and back, the parade was a success. The graduating class drove by in cars covered with green and gold paint, streamers, and balloons. Some graduates stood in the back of trucks driven by parents or friends; others sat waving from the passenger seat of their cars. Some even lounged in the back of club car utility vehicles.

Despite the rainy afternoon, the sun shone down, warm and inviting, just in time for the festivities. Supporter lined the streets all along the course, holding signs and cheering loudly.

“It was amazing to have the whole community come together. That’s what Seward is all about!” says graduate Madison Athey.

To replace the annual scholarship and awards ceremony, a video from the community was assembled by Lucas Brockman to recognize outstanding students. In the video, over $60,000 worth of scholarship money was awarded to Seward High School’s graduating seniors. Every cent of the money announced in the video came from local contributions. The community continued support of its kids is shown through this act of generosity.

Thank you, Seward, and congratulations to the graduating class of 2020!

Lydia Jacoby is a rising junior at Seward High School, She is working as an intern for the Seward Journal this summer. In addition to being a full time student, she writes for the Seward High School online paper and is a competitive swimmer. She can be reached at