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What is Seward Schools Site-Based Council and what does it do for our community?

The Seward Schools Site-Based Council consists of principals, teachers, staff, parents and students. We offer advice and support to our local principals and school board. In most places around the U.S., there is one site-based council per school; however, our council is unique in that all three schools participate-- allowing collaboration and awareness amongst the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Last month at our meeting some of the topics discussed were personalized learning, a potential upgrade to locker rooms at the high school, a new high school track slated for 2022, and internet safety presentations. Jackie Marshall, from Kenai Peninsula College, introduced an idea to imbed college classes into students’ schedules early on to increase awareness of a program that has been going on for years, but that kids could more readily take advantage of if they were prepared ahead of time. Awesome opportunity for college credits at a reduced price, right here at Seward High School. 

During the course of a meeting, we get to hear from each principal, and usually a student about what is happening in their respective school regarding education, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. 

Most importantly, we are a body of concerned citizens, who love the kids of Seward, and through this council are able to enact positive change for our community.

Council members this year are Lori Allen, Pam Bauer, Tim Cronin, Michelle Cobble, Jennifer DesErmia, Julie Doepken, Alan Haskins, Maggie Hillestad, Joanna Johnson, David Kingsland, Jenny Martin, Binget Nilsson, Geri Nipp, Sarah Spanos, Von Terry, Mica Van Buskirk, Trevan Walker, and Morgan Woodard. 

Our next meeting is February 14, 6:30 p.m. at the Elementary School, and you are welcome to attend.