Dear Editor,

I’d like to send a HUGE shout-out to Nick who drives a big red truck and is from Seward. He rendered aid to me as we were both driving to Soldotna last Wednesday (Sept 23rd). I got a flat tire with my new car and had no idea where everything was and how I was going to change it in the lightly falling rain on the side of the highway as semis and cars and trucks zoomed past me. Then Nick drove up, asked if I could use some help, and gladly pulled over when I said “YES!” He got straight to work and within a few minutes had my tire changed, cautioned me to drive slowly and get it fixed and remounted right away in Soldotna, and bid me good-bye. He followed me as I drove off, and about a mile down the road pulled in behind another car that was also suffering a flat tire. What a beautiful angel in these days of strife and conflict. So, thank you, Nick for your kindness and thoughtfulness and for helping those of us in need on the highway. You were my hero that day!

Most sincerely,

Annie Rittal,