I had to call emergency services to my house on January 12 after discovering my dad had an apparent stroke. On January 14 emergency services were needed to transport my dad back home with us for his final hours before he died. I want to thank both Bear Creek and Seward Volunteer Emergency Services. When you arrived to take my dad to the hospital your professionalism and calm mannerisms were comforting in the face of our fear. I remember each of your faces and remember your kind words to both me and my dad.

On January 14, you came together on a busy day in the community to bring my dad safely home for his final hours. I broke down when I saw you pull up in the driveway and all gather together to figure out a way to get him safely inside. Your compassion and kindness touched my heart deeply that day. I didn't have to be a nurse; I could just be his grieving daughter knowing soon I would say goodbye to him. Thank you to you--our emergency staff & volunteers who respond without hesitation day or night. You are deserving of so much praise! I've seen you in action from a professional side, but this was my first time for a personal need. When emotions are heightened as they always are in traumatic situations, faces and words are not forgotten.

Our community is better because of each and every one of you!

Thank you,

David and Tonya Foote