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I urge you to support Shawn Butler, who is running for State House in District 29. I have had the pleasure of meeting Shawn and discussing the pressing issues that are facing our state, like improving education, reducing the cost of health care, and public safety. I find Shawn to be smart, honest, plain-spoken, and a good listener. Like me, she is tired of partisan obstructionism, and as an independent is committed to working with Democrats and Republicans towards solutions, rather than continually kicking the can down the road. Shawn realizes that not all the answers are easy or popular, and she's willing to do the hard work necessary to craft solutions. 

Her life experience is varied: she is a retired Lt. Colonel Army Officer, she holds a doctorate in computer science, she has been a small business owner, and is currently a professor at UAA in the computer science department. She has served on an array of non-profit and public service boards. 

Her opponent, Ben Carpenter, believes in doing away with public education. His solution to reducing crime is to lock 'em away and throw away the keys, and somehow make that inexpensive. He is in favor of a regressive flat tax, placing a high burden on those with lower incomes. 

For me, the choice is clear, a vote for Shawn Butler is a vote for working to end partisan bickering and getting the job done.

Lori Draper