On behalf of Providence Seward Medical & Care Center caregivers, we would like to acknowledge our community members who worked so hard on producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for our community’s first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PPE donations were provided to the Bear Creek Fire Department, Seward Community Health Center, Seward Fire Department, Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Moose Pass Fire Department and Providence Seward Medical & Care Center.

A special thanks to Sam Young at Sam’s Custom Sewing for the donation of all materials and labor to make face shields; Becky Dunn at Knots So Fast Feed Store and Seward Rotary and Seward Community Foundation for the donation of material to make disposable gowns; AVTEC for donation of ear savers by 3D printing; volunteer sewers (Everta Mooter, Madelyn Walker, Patty Linville, Kim Kain, Tammy Nicolas, Cindy Ranta, Mary Tougas, Lidia Petersen, Dorothy Osenga, Erin Lemas, Heather Johnston, and Rebecca Pazdernick) for donated time spent to make reusable fabric gowns; and Lori Landstrom for coordinating the PPE donation project.

Also, thank you to the Seward Area Quilters Group and all the people who have made and continue to make masks for their family members and friends, and for drop boxes at the U.S. Post Office, Safeway and other locations.

We are an amazing community where everyone’s contributions are essential.  Thank you, Seward!

Providence Seward Staff