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People of Seward and all of Alaska,

If you want your PFD, now is the time for action. If you want to save Seward and the State of Alaska now is the time for action.

There are 15,000 public employee union members and 10,000 teachers/public union members in Alaska. They are currently lobbying the Alaska Legislature to continue stealing Alaskans’ PFDs and to nullify the cuts the Governor has made. They want the entire enchilada for themselves and to heck with all the rest of Alaskans. They don’t care if their actions magnify poverty in Alaska. 

They want all the money for themselves. Public employee unions are the worst thing a community can do to itself. Their retirement alone will bankrupt Seward and the State. 

Please vote NO on the Public Union. The burden will be too great for Seward and the rest of Alaska to bear. 

When the public employees/teachers negotiate for an agreement, they basically negotiate with themselves. That is the “fox in the henhouse.” The “negotiators” have no skin in the game. They “negotiate” with taxpayer funds (other people’s money), guaranteeing loss for the taxpaying people on the hook for their “negotiations.” Private sector union employers must negotiate with their own assets. Public sector union employers do not.

Thank you,

Carl Norman