Dear Seward Journal,

In last week's Journal (Feb.9) Sam McDavid's article on the Seward Historic Preservation Commission's: "Unauthorized Solicitation of Public Funds" was slanted and one sided to the benefit of the City of Seward.

I expect Mr. McDonald, as a professional journalist, to listen to our 2/10/22 meeting and listen to our side of the story.

The city is WRONG. Our commission has been unfairly characterized. The city's comments, and your article, with their acuization against the SHPC is not only incorrect but has created concern for the donors of monetary funds given for our 2021 CLG Grant 20005 Historic Signage Walking Tour. We followed the grant's requirements; the same CLG Grant which the city had approved and signed for.

On page 52 of said grant it states: "we, (SHPC), will be looking for private funding to support activities beyond the funding of the grant." All checks by the donors were made out to the City of Seward.

The "State of Alaska Grant Agreement Historic Preservation Fund Program - DFDA #15.904" were very pleased with our work. We completed our grant on time and UNDER BUDGET. The funds not used at that time were to be used for the purpose of purchasing additional Walking Tour Maps.

Their office encouraged us to apply for the next CLG Grant which closed a month after we had completed the above grant. However, we declined due to the need to return our attention to work that had been put aside during the process of over 3,000 volunteer hours we ourselves put in on our Historic Signage Walking Tour.

Please find attached my public statement in response to the City's attack on our character. 


Chair Seese