All across Alaska, hospital executives and doctors are addressing city and borough assemblies to explain the dire circumstances of our current healthcare system during this latest surge of Covid. Our hospitals are full, and the staff is exhausted. There are not enough critical care staff and beds to meet the needs of Alaskans. Our system has been described as on the verge of imminent collapse.

Last week, Central Peninsula Hospital executive, Shaun Keef, came before the Kenai Borough Assembly to give a report on the current status of and share concerns about the uptick of patients coming to the hospital with Covid. The response from Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce was a rambling, incoherent, unscientific based take on how he thinks our hospital should treat Covid patients.

Mr. Pierce wants our doctors to treat Covid patients with unproven, dangerous methods currently being touted by America’s Frontline Doctors. This group is pushing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as perfectly safe treatments/cures for Covid. Not a single FDA, CDC or WHO official, scientist or doctor supports using these items as a treatment for Covid. To read the comments made by Mr. Pierce, click this link: x-handling/?fbclid=IwAR1ducs-UPtBzD7m1i0MN6tlJrCmsXRd_EMwfG5yWFSgEXPIeBOUCsp_ DyA

Mr. Pierce expressed no concern for the exhausted doctors and nurses, who are our friends, neighbors, and families. These medical professionals stand, unfailingly, on the front lines doing all they can to save the lives of their patients.

Mr. Pierce owes an apology to our hospital and communities.

Fay Herold

Chair Gulf Coast Democrats