This year has been one of triumphs and challenges for our town. We've exercised our democratic process by choosing new leadership for our town, a new unionized employment structure for our City employees and we've expanded our summer tourism business. In the coming weeks, we as voters will have the opportunity to make a few more big decisions. Voting season for City Council comes but once a year. This particular election is more influential than usual in that four seats are up for grabs, including the seat for mayor. I am amongst those of us who live here year-round, who love our hometown and who advocate to keep us moving forward with the times and with serving our citizenry. The political heat around town will likely intensify as we move towards the election and into the budget cycle. This is normal in a democracy. While many conflicting voices and opinions will be heard, I will continue to look beyond the cries to evaluate: who has the money, who has the power and who still has their job?

Kelley Wiley Lane