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A Seward woman has been charged with felony theft after she allegedly stole a long list of personal items – including silver and gold jewelry, sleeping bags, and Nike Jordan tennis shoes – from a campsite in the Williams Park Campground near the Seward waterfront. 

Seward police later discovered some of the stolen goods when they executed a search warrant for the Second Avenue home of Desiree J. Nosik, 40. Nosik has been charged with burglary, felony theft, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass. Theft becomes a felony when the value of the stolen items exceeds $750.

The Seward Police Department responded to an early morning phone call on June 17 from a woman at the Williams Park Campground, who said that a number of items had disappeared from the campsite she was sharing with her boyfriend. The couple allegedly told police that they had returned to the site after midnight and found the doors of their tent and vehicle standing open.

The couple supplied the police with a lengthy list of missing items. The burglar appeared to have taken almost anything that was not tied down, including vehicle parts, jumper cables, and a steering wheel cover. The list runs to dozens of items and includes clothing, food, camping gear and personal effects.

A series of tips led the authorities to Nosik, whom a witness had allegedly seen entering the victim’s car. Nosik is a former girlfriend to one of the victims, according to the criminal complaint.

When police confronted Nosik at her home, she allegedly admitted to the theft and assisted officers in the recovery of the stolen items, some of which had been stashed in plastic bags near the campground.