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Two kayakers were rescued from the Resurrection River Friday. According to a release from the National Park Service, a park ranger observed two kayakers in destress at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

National Park Service Rangers along with responders from Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Seward Fire Department conducted a swift water rescue across Exit Creek and Paradise Creek bringing the individual back to the main road. Despite being cold and tired the man denied injury and refused medical care.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the individuals had no experience with swift water kayaking and were not properly equipped for the trip they chose to undertake.

The Park Service says the kayakers had entered the river near the Exit Glacier Area. Shortly after launching their tandem kayak in the Resurrection River, the watercraft flipped over. One member was able to reach a nearby bank, while the other was swept downstream. A Ranger observed him go underwater several times before making it to the opposite bank inside the park near Mile 7 of Herman Leirer Road. Because of water depth and swift current, the individual was not able to swim back across the river.

Water levels on Exit and Paradise Creeks and the Resurrection River are high due to spring melt.  

The National Park Service reminds all visitors to plan ahead and be prepared prior to engaging in outdoor activities. In this case, the visitors chose to engage in an activity that was above their skill level, and for which they were not prepared.

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