Chugach National Forest

Many public lands in Alaska, including the Chugach National Forest, are open for trapping. Traps are often set in areas that are also used by hikers, bikers, snowmachiners and their pets. Pets may become caught in traps meant for other wildlife.

Chugach National Forest advises all recreationists, especially pet owners, to be cautious on forest service land. Traps are frequently located just off established and groomed trails and roads. Winter and early spring are when most trapping takes place in Alaska; however, traps may be present throughout the year. Reduce the risk of pets being captured in a trap by keeping them on a leash.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Alaska Trappers Association have produced the brochure "Trap Safety for Pet Owners" with safety tips and information on how to remove a pet from a trap or snare. Alaska Trappers Association has also produced a video entitled "Sharing Alaska's Trails," which shows the different types of traps and snares, how to identify a trap line, and how to release an animal from a trap.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is responsible for trapping regulations and licensing within the state. More information, including lists of trapping regulations and unit maps, can be found on their website.