The following public service announcement regarding horses was recently seen on Facebook: Horses are high-flight prey animals. They are not big dogs! If you encounter a horse on roads or trails, please adhere to the following for your safety and the safety of the rider/horse. 

• If you’re driving on a road and you encounter horses, please slow down. A horse can bolt sideways at 45 mph and most often are frightened INTO the road. 

• If you’re walking, biking, or running on a trail, please stop, speak to the rider, and ask how they would prefer you proceed. Horses often have right of way on trails.

 • If you have children with you and you encounter a horse, please be sure your children remain still. Talking to the rider as they approach will help their horse understand you’re no threat.

• If you approach from behind, please communicate your presence as soon as you’re able. Horses are much more likely to become fearful if you are suddenly running or riding up to their hind end. And always keep a healthy distance when passing behind or to the side of a horse, for your own safety.

Thank you for helping keep everyone safe and enjoy the outdoors