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The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District stated Wednesday evening that they had received information concerning a threatened shooting at Soldotna schools.

According to a statement by the district, “Wednesday evening the school district became aware of a warning circulating with students on social media stating, ‘there are rumors of a shooting at sohi tomorrow, please do not go to school.’”

The district also said they are working with the Soldotna Prep School and Soldotna High School and law enforcement to investigate the statement.

Late Wednesday evening the district released and update stating that law enforcement has confirmed that there is no verified threat.

The statement said, “However, recognizing that students and parents were alarmed by the social media rumors, there will be an increased police presence at both Soldotna High School and Soldotna Prep School on Thursday to calm fears.”

The district said that if parents or guardians choose to keep children at home on Thursday, the absences will be excused.


Michael Paschall is publisher of the Seward Journal and president of TriDelta, Incorporated Publishing, owners of the Seward Journal.