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The preliminary results of Tuesday’s municipal election show mayoral challenger Christy Terry ahead of incumbent David Squires by a margin greater than the number of absentee ballots, solidifying her bid to be Seward’s next mayor. The preliminary results came in 315 for Terry and 119 for Squires with 86 absentee ballots. 

Terry said that she is pleased with the results and looking forward to her time in office.

“I’m excited about what’s going to be going on for Seward the next three years,” she said. “I I think that there’s lots of good things in store.” 

Squires congratulated his opponent.

“I’m happy for Christy,” he said. “I hope she does a great job, and I’ll support her  any way that I can.”

Two other candidates are also far enough ahead in their respective races to guarantee them a spot on the council. Incumbent Sue McClure won the race for a one-year council term in a landslide against Brad Snowden, 338–39 in the preliminary results.

Dale Butts is the current frontrunner in the contest for two three-year council seats with 233 votes. Next up is Tony Baclaan with 193. But the next closest candidate is Suzi Towsley with 140, more than 86 votes behind Butts, and therefore unable to displace him even if she received every single absentee vote.

She is the only candidate with more than a slim chance of beating Baclaan after absentee ballots are counted. Jeremy Horn with 124 votes and Wolf Kurtz with 119 are both far enough behind that they would have to receive a vast proportion of the absentee votes to slip ahead.