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Seward native has mushed his way to a fifth victory in the 2021 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, matching the current record for most wins. On Monday at 5:08 a.m., Dallas Seavey crossed the Deshka Landing finish line seven days, 14 hours, 8 minutes and 57 seconds after setting out and over three hours ahead of Nome’s Aaron Burmeister, who finished second.

At 34, Seavey has completed 12 Iditarod races with previous wins in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Seavey family has established a veritable Iditarod dynasty between them, with Dallas’s father Mitch taking home three wins himself, the most recent in 2017.

Dallas Seavey’s victory brings his total win count up to that of five-time champion Rick Swenson, who has held the record alone since 1991. Coronavirus mitigation efforts have shortened this year’s race, which in past years has featured an opening ceremony and ended in Nome. Seavey told the press he was up to the challenges presented by the alteration in course. 

“In the last few years we’ve had more alternate routes and special routes in the Iditarod than ever, and I’ve gotten to be part of all of those basically, and have won two of them now,” Seavey told the press after his win. “I like those different routes. I like the ones that force us to forget about what we thought we knew and reassess it from the very base, which is traveling with dogs. Look at the course, look at the challenges, and look at how the dog is going to perceive those challenges, and then set them up for success.”

In the off season, Seavey runs a cooled training facility that allows for year-round conditioning of his team.