20th Anniversary of 9-11

The day they died

A 20th anniversary tribute

The day they died, we closed our eyes;

we said a prayer; we asked God "Why?".

The day they died, we shared our grief;

we watched the planes in disbelief.

The day they died, we said, "Enough!

You'll not destroy all that we love.

Our right to freedom, you'll not take.

Those gone now have not died in vain."

The day they died, a vision sparked

within a country's soul and heart,

to fight a foe that lived on hate;

to put an end to terror's reign.

A war like never seen before

began above the 90th floor.

The day they died, the cameras showed

the towers fall in clouds of smoke.

The day they died, a bond was made

by all survivors of that day.

Together, they would take a stand

to make this country strong again.

New strength, new plans, and liberty

would win out over tyranny.

The day they died, they were not destroyed.

They live on in a country's voice.

The day they died, we all became

a family and we shall remain

the ones who will remember those

who died to save our homes and hopes.

The day they died: September 11, 2001