Search for Preston Atwood, Aug. 30, 2019

Volunteers during a search for Preston Atwood, who went missing Aug. 25. Photo by Kyle Walker.

Investigators have found the body of Preston Atwood, 21, the young man who went missing from his home on Sunday, said Seward Police Chief Tom Clemons.

Clemons did not say where the body was found or whether foul play is suspected. He did say that the department had opened an investigation.

The police department called off a search for Atwood Thursday evening and asked searchers to clear the woods in the southeast corner of the Seward Marine Industrial Center. Police ask that people keep clear of the area.

Atwood went missing Aug. 25. Family and friends had since initiated a social media and paper flyer campaign in their efforts to find him.

Erika Anger, who identified herself as a family friend, had posted a reward for information on Atwood’s whereabouts midday Thursday. Anger told the Seward Journal that the post soon generated a phone call.

The caller claimed to have overheard a conversation regarding three young men who had allegedly beat Atwood at a makeshift fire pit in the far southeast corner of the Seward Marine Industrial Center, Anger said.

Clemons said that the police department could not comment further on the investigation.