Seward City Hall

On Tuesday the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) convened a work session to continue the ongoing discussion of amendments to city code Dwelling, Lodging and Housing definitions. Specifically covered at Tuesday’s meeting was the definition for Substance Abuse Treatment Facility as it falls under the category of Housing Unit.

At the recommendation of SeaView CEO-Elect Tommy Glanton, it was decided to change the term Substance Abuse Treatment Facility to Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility, in keeping with current usage norms within the field. Glanton also suggested a definition: “A licensed facility that provides a therapeutic planned regimen of substance use treatment and education services for persons in the early stages of recovery from addiction who require safe and stable living environments in order to develop recovery skills. Services are provided onsite in a 24-hour live-in setting with 24-hour-per-day staffing.” After consulting definitions from Anchorage, a proviso was added to Glanton’s definition stating, “It does not include people who pose a threat or danger to the public for violent or sexual misconduct.” 

Definitions will be amended, and a revised ordinance is expected to be brought before the City Council in January. P&Z sessions regarding Dwelling, Housing and Lodging definitions have been ongoing since 2018.