New dumpster

New dumpsters to be placed at city facilities wait for distribution.

The City of Seward has taken delivery of 18 new dumpsters. The city council approved the acquisition on April 13 to replace the dumpsters previously rented from Alaska Waste. Harbormaster Norm Regis said the move away from rented dumpsters promises to save the city thousands over time. 

“How much money the city’s going to save in rental fees, that’s what it’s all about. In the future, we’re going to save,” said Regis. “This other dumpster we’ve had for almost 15 years now, and it’s already paid for itself. The city’s saving money by purchasing these dumpsters.”

The larger 20-yard dumpsters are projected to pay for themselves in six-and-a-half to seven years, said Regis, with the smaller six-foot dumpsters paying for themselves within two years. Regis claims that by next season all rented dumpsters throughout Seward will be replaced by those owned by the city. 

The city awarded the bid for the new dumpsters to Capital Industries of Seattle, Wash., based largely on the freight cost. 

“We got a screaming deal on the shipping,” Regis said, “because we put the small ones inside of the big ones, but if we would’ve had them welded, the shipping was almost $60,000 dollars. The only difference is, we’ve got to weld them up.”

The larger 20-yard dumpsters have already been put in place throughout the city, and Regis said the six-foot models will be welded and placed in the coming months.