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On Friday the Federal Subsistence Board voted to change the designation of the Moose Pass community from nonrural to rural. The change carries the privilege of subsistence use priority for Moose Pass residents over other users on federal public lands. Under the rural designation, Moose Pass residents and those of Crown Point and Primrose will now be given priority to hunt and fish for certain species for Customary and Traditional use. 

Moose Pass has been considered nonrural since a 1991 federal designation aggregated the community with the city of Seward, but in 2017 the Federal Subsistence Board abandoned the practice of community aggregation when making such determinations. 

In 2018 Moose Pass resident Jeffrey Bryden submitted a proposal to change the community’s designation to rural. Bryden appeared at Friday’s meeting to offer testimony for changing the designation. Arguments for changing the designation included limited access to services and amenities and the fact that the community is surrounded by acres of federal public lands. 

Initially only the designation for Moose Pass was to be changed, but testimony from nearby residents convinced the board to expand the area under consideration to include Crown Point and Primrose as well. The board adopted the modified proposal including the expanded boundaries after hearing from 12 area residents on the matter.