Crime Violence Guns Robery

A Seward man has been arrested for drawing a pistol on another man in the heat of an argument. On Feb. 3 at 8:45 pm, 34-year-old Curtis Brown was charged with assault and misconduct involving weapons in the Third degree after reportedly producing a Sundance Industries Boa model .25 caliber chrome-plated pistol and pointing it at the chest of John Winningham.

According Winningham, he and two witnesses were in Brown’s room playing video games when an argument broke out between him and Brown. Winningham left the room, but a further exchange between the two men led Brown to follow him out brandishing a pistol and racking the slide before pointing it at his chest.

A statement from one of the witnesses held that Brown had brandished a firearm but never pointed it at Winningham. The witness went on to say that he broke up the fight before the matter could escalate further. A police search of the premises located the gun on Brown’s dresser.

Brown was charged with two felony counts and remanded to Seward City Jail. A check of his records showed that Brown had been charged with one count of felony first degree assault in Alabama in 2014.