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The man charged with attacking his ex-girlfriend at Tony’s Bar in October has been charged with four additional felony assaults, all connected to an incident in February involving the same victim. The victim told police that Sean Vincent Jones, 28, had choked her and subsequently threatened to kill her, according to court documents.

Jones declined to comment for this story. The Seward Journal is withholding the victim’s name.

In an Oct. 28 incident previously reported by the Journal, police arrested Jones after several witnesses described seeing him attack the victim at Tony’s Bar. The witnesses said that Jones had thrown or tackled her through the door of Tony’s onto the sidewalk and then hit her in the head, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

During the investigation of that case, the victim accused Jones of a previous attack. Police have filed four more felony charges against Jones for a Feb. 19 incident in which he allegedly choked the victim and threatened her with a metal folding chair.

Police say the confrontation began as an argument, with the victim accusing Jones of infidelity. The victim told police she fled the house after Jones went back to sleep.

Police say that Jones later threatened to kill the victim. The victim told police that Jones had threatened to “crab pot” her. Police asked her if that meant to “take her out in the ocean and drop her into a crab pot,” and she said yes, the affidavit reads. 

Police also quote several text messages that Jones allegedly sent the victim after the incident, including one in which he allegedly wrote, “I want to kill you sometimes.”

Jones faces an additional misdemeanor assault charge for an Oct. 17 incident in which he allegedly dragged the victim out of his apartment. The victim told police that they had been watching movies when they got into an argument around 5 a.m., and he told her to leave. 

“She told him she didn’t want to because she was drunk and it was cold outside,” the affidavit reads. The victim told police that Jones grabbed her by the hair and neck and dragged her into the hallway.

Jones is currently under house arrest.