Jacoby at TYR Pro Swim Series

Seward High School Rising Senior Lydia Jacoby at the TYR Pro Swim Series in April. Now an Olympic gold holder.

Seward’s Lydia Jacoby took the gold in the 100-meter breaststroke with a time of 1:04.95 beating out both teammate Lilly King and South African Tatiana Schoenmaker. King was the 2016 gold medalist in the event.

Jacoby wasn’t as fast off the blocks as either King or Schoenmaker but made up the difference making the turn head-to-head with both King and Schoenmaker. Jacoby fell behind coming off the turn, but in her traditional fashion of finishing strong, made up the difference to reach the finish just before Schoenmaker moving ahead just meters from the wall.

Schoenmaker finished with a time of 1:05.22, 0.27 seconds behind Jacoby. King third at 1:05.54, 0.59 seconds behind Jacoby

Schoenmaker took almost a second off her time in the preliminaries to finish first in the preliminaries with Jacoby second and King third. Schoenmaker set the Olympic record in the preliminaries. Jacoby raced head-to-head against Schoenmaker in the preliminaries.

In the semi-finales yesterday, Jacoby placed third overall. King and Schoenmaker went head-to-head in the semi-finales with Schoenmaker finishing first and King second head-to-head as well as overall. King’s lost to Schoenmaker was her first head-to-head loss since 2016. 

Jacoby dropped nearly five seconds off her time in the past year coming from a position of upcoming Olympian to gold medalist.

Congratulations Lydia!

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Michael Paschall is publisher of the Seward Journal and president of TriDelta, Incorporated Publishing, owners of the Seward Journal.