Jesse Lee Home

The dilapidated Jesse Lee home as seen in this 2018 photo is set to be demolished by the City of Seward.

On Tuesday Superior Court Judge Lance Joanis granted a hearing on the injunction sought by the Friends of Jesse Lee Home (FJLH) against the City of Seward. The order comes one week after the FJLH raised the $72,000 bond required to extend the restraining order preventing the city from taking further action to demolish the remaining structures on the historic Jesse Lee Home site.

The ongoing dispute over ownership of the property has halted crews from Coldfoot Environmental Services from carrying out hazardous material abatement and preparations for demolition. In court documents filed by FJLH, the Friends expressed their wish that the crews be allowed to continue hazmat abatement throughout the remaining term of the restraining order.

The city has petitioned the court to declare city ownership of the property in order that demolition efforts may resume. The FJLH claim that the city acted in bad faith and prevented the FJLH from fulfilling their obligation to take certain restorative actions under the terms of their deed. 

The order setting Thursday’s hearing will allow each side 50 minutes for the presentation of arguments and evidence, and the current restraining order against demolition has been extended until the conclusion of the hearing.