Seward Bear Creek Flood Service Area (SBCFSA)

The Seward–Bear Creek Flood Service Area Board will hold a special meeting to consider immediate work on the gravel embankments along Kwechak Creek in the Questa Woods neighborhood.

Service area staff report that the embankments lost 80 percent of their mass in June and July as high temperatures and snowmelt led to high water levels and faster erosion.

The service area warns that “increased bed elevation and eroded banks, in future high water events, may lead to substantial flooding on adjacent properties, including private home sites, public property and road infrastructure.”

The creek has already breached the embankment along Bruno Road once in the last twelve months. During flooding last October, the creek rose and cut through the gravel, following a new path along the road and through the neighborhood.

The Flood Service Area proposes a dredging and embankment maintenance project along 2,000 feet of the creek, beginning just below the bridge that leads into Questa Woods. The project would dredge an estimated 64,000 cubic yards of gravel, deepening the stream channel and reinforcing the gravel berms on either bank.