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One of the two women participating in a meeting with City Manager Scott Meszaros last week now says that she is the source of a partial recording of the meeting – but contends that she got the recording after the conversation was over, rather than recording it at the time.

Dorene Lorenz, president of the board of the Friends of the Jesse Lee Home, told the Seward Journal that she distributed the recording, which captures the second half of a meeting she had with Meszaros and Susan Lang, a FJLH volunteer.

Meszaros had Lang escorted out of his office by police after she refused to leave, according to interviews with both parties. The recording shows that Meszaros believed he was being taped and ended the conversation after a series of challenges by Lorenz.

Lang initially says that she will leave of her own volition, but Lorenz persuades her to stay. Both Lorenz and Lang can be heard on the recording saying that they are not recording the call.

Nevertheless, the recording was apparently made on Lorenz’ phone. 

“It’s my recording,” Lorenz said. “I acquired the recording after the fact.”

Asked how that is possible, Lorenz said that she happens to have the right connections: “You have to have the right friends with the right clearances, and they have to really love you.”

The Seward Journal received a link to the recording from an intermediary. The link goes to a webpage hosting the audio file, which indicates that the recording was made by an app named Call Recorder.

Further research into the app indicates that it uses a common method to record calls. Ordinarily, the user activates the app, which dials a dedicated number. The user then merges that call with the call he or she wishes to record.

The Seward Journal asked Lorenz why the recording includes only part of the conversation and why the webpage appears to indicate it was made by a user-activated app. 

“All I can say is it’s in the format and as much of the conversation as I was given,” Lorenz said. “I got it as a link to an app, and the whole conversation wasn’t there, just that portion.”