Road Closed

Delays on Lowell Point Road can be expected tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. as crews will begin to clear dangerous rocks from the mountainside at the site of the recent rockslide. Special workers called scalers have been called in to ascend the cliff face and hang from ropes as they work to dislodge rocks and other loose materials threatening the road below. Public Works crews will be present to then clear the materials as they fall.

Though Lowell Point Road will remain open for limited use, Public Works Director Doug Schoessler cautioned that travel is heavily discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

“I just would caution people to just don’t drive out there unless you have to get to Lowell Point,” he said. “It’s just going to hold up work.”

Schoessler went on to say that the road will be closed to pedestrians and spectators, who would only cause further delays.

“Steer clear,” he said. “There’s no room for people to park or do anything else.”

Flaggers will be posted to allow traffic to pass between clearings, but Schoessler said that delays may be as long as 20 minutes. He estimates the work will continue through Thursday.