Public Works crews are continuing efforts Friday afternoon to clear three avalanche sites along Lowell Point Road. High winds are forcing a continual snow surge from Bear Mountain onto each site along the road, which now requires ongoing attention to remain open to traffic.

“It’s just constant right now with that wind,” Public Works Director Doug Schoessler said Friday. “It’s mostly right now kind of a steady, almost like a water stream just pouring out, but it’s snow that keeps filling over the road.”

Crews remained on site Thursday night until midnight and resumed at 6 a.m. on Friday. Schoessler anticipates a similar schedule for Friday night, with crews returning at 7 a.m. Saturday as necessary. He went on to say that the midnight halting of overnight road maintenance is a necessity prompted by safety concerns.

“We just don’t want to be out there and put crews exposed in the dark,” he said, “because you can’t (see) anything coming at you, and we don’t want somebody buried out there.”

Schoessler added that crews will continue to work or remain on call as needed throughout the weekend and reminded travelers to complete their commutes prior to midnight on Friday and Saturday night, and to exercise caution while traversing Lowell Point Road.