The City of Seward has released an online mapping portal giving citizens access to basic information about the location of electric, water and sewer lines, and zoning and property information. The portal’s webpage can be accessed at https://seward.maps.arcgis.comand on the city website under the community development header.

The zoning app shows property boundaries and the zoning classification for the property. The electric and the water and sewer apps show the location of the city’s electric, and water and sewer lines.

Clicking on a property on any of the maps shows the property owner, legal description of the property, size of the parcel, zoning, tax area, value of the property, and the owners address. Property owner information is not complete and is only updated periodically. Up to date information about parcel ownership can be obtained from the borough website.

According to city planner, Jackie Wilde, the website is, “A way to help a citizen to become more aware.” 

Wilde said the portal is a way for citizens to get the same information they can get from coming into the community development office. “If someone wants information on the property they own or one they are looking to buy, it is available,” she said.

The next step in making information available will be the addition of a system for the city cemetery. Hoping to have that project completed next year, Wilde said it will allow someone to search by name and find the burial plot for that person.