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Earlier this month the Seward City Council unanimously approved the sale of 3.31 acres of land on the Ft. Raymond property to the Chugachmiut Tribal consortium for the construction of a new medical center. After hearing a 10-minute presentation by Chugachmiut’s Kelley Baker, the project received an outpouring of support from citizens via telephone and letters in addition to support from those present at the meeting.

Chugachmiut will now conduct a survey of the land before entering into a final agreement with the city. Barring any further obstructions, construction could then begin on the Chugachmiut Regional Health Center, an $18 mil. facility serving the health needs of Native populations throughout the region, as well as area veterans. Intended as a replacement for the long-outgrown North Star Health Clinic, the new 15,000 square foot facility would require the creation of 28 new full-time positions to supplement the staff currently employed at North Star. The new facility would expand the scope and quality of services Chugachmiut is able to provide in addressing the many health concerns facing the region’s Native populations.

The proposed facility is one of five projects chosen by an Indian Health Services Joint Venture Construction Program, which would help sustain the operation of the facility once construction is completed. After the Chugachmiut land survey, the parcel will be appraised and sold at fair market value.