Captain Dale Butts recently retired after 30 years as a volunteer with the Seward Fire Department (SFD). Over his 30 years he has responded to over 1,000 calls for service to the community said Janis Melvin, administrator for the department. Whether it be a wreck, fire, medical emergency, or some other type of event, Butts was always willing to help the community.

Butts took his experience and training to better other fire fighters by teaching marine firefighting for AVTEC and many classes for his fellow volunteers with SFD, including new recruit training, diver training, and live fire training. He also served on the Seward City Council and numerous boards locally and statewide.

Melvin, who worked with Butts for 17 years, says his retirement leaves a big hole in the department and the community.

He was, “a true asset and mentor and will be missed by everyone,” said Melvin.

Dale’s wife Nena was a fire department auxiliary member and spent many late nights helping roll hose after a fire and supporting the department in other ways.

The Seward Fire Department wishes the best for Dale and Nena. Congratulations and good luck on your new endeavors.

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