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On Sunday, July 4, at 9:16 a.m., Alaska Wildlife Troopers were notified of a bear attacking a man in his camper at Fourth of July Beach. The victim was asleep inside with the door open when a black bear invaded the camper and scratched his leg. It then attempted to bite his leg, but the man managed to scare the animal away before it could bite him. The bear eventually wandered back into the forest, and the victim was treated for minor injuries.

Later that afternoon, at 4:48 p.m., Wildlife Troopers were alerted that the animal had re-emerged in the same area and was raiding camps, bluff charging campers and showing no fear of people. Troopers returned to the scene to find the bear on the beach, walking toward campers. Authorities deemed the animal a public safety risk and made the decision to dispatch it. The skull and hide will be handed over to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which offers the following advice for avoiding bear encounters.

  • Make your presence known.
  • Travel in a group.
  • Give bears plenty of room.
  • Give bears the opportunity to avoid you. Detour around areas where you see or smell carcasses of fish or animals, or see scavengers congregated.
  • Don’t attract bears with food or garbage.
  • Carry bear repellent.