Nancy Anderson and Jayme Ratliff from the Alaska SeaLife Center holding the donation from Seasalt Alaskan Grill and Bar.

Seward Hospitality Group which operates the Alaska Seafood Grill, Seasalt Alaskan Grill and Bar, and the Railway Cantina have been raising money for local organizations during the winter season.

The Alaska Seafood Grill hosts Thursday fundraisers for many local organizations such as the Future Seward Community Bike Park, Seward Nordic Ski Club, the future Ice Rink/Seward Ice and Multisport Association, Seward Animal Shelter/Save Our Pets, and Seward High School Booster Club/SHS Athletic Booster Club. Starting at 4 p.m., 50 percent of dinner proceeds go to supporting one of these organizations. 

Owners Elliott Jackson and Toni Strauss believe in helping the community grow and prosper. During the 2018 summer season Seasalt gave a percentage of all sales to the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Seward Hospitality Group plans to continue hosting weekly Thursday fundraisers through the middle of May to support the Seward community. Visit the Alaska Seafood Grill Facebook page for more information and to see which group the weekly fundraiser will be supporting.

If your organization is interested in hosting one of these weekly fundraisers please contact Ruthann Baker, Director of Sales/Marketing/PR,  at (907) 301-4882 or drbaker1@cox.net.