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Children, while playing with cranes and forklifts,

may not realize of their future it is.

Just a bit older, the toys larger too,

are now part of progress as roads are renewed.


Winter is over and now has begun

construction season where the work's never done:

Improvements connecting point A to point B,

still trying to leave nature as it's meant to be.


Blasting and breaking, then bring in the trucks

Load ’em up.  Haul ’em out.  Never give up.

Filling and flattening and oh so much more

while safety must never be slack or ignored.


Drivers impatient to get on their way

must follow the pilot and speed limits obey.

The flaggers are dancing to help keep down stress

as they entertain and help us to relax.


These jobs are not easy with schedules and weather,

yet they do their best and what also does matter

is that we do what we can that our gratitude's known

and their efforts are noticed as they're improving our roads.