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Seward Parks and Recreation will play host to a number events in the coming weeks. Every Friday from 5-7 p.m., the City will host an outdoor sports meetup. The the venue may vary depending on activity, weather, and field conditions. Equipment and lighting will be provided by the City. The meetup is open to adults, COVID mitigation protocols will be followed. Sports and Rec Assistant José Vaca-Bustamante stated that he hopes to cultivate a group of regulars who will decide what each week’s sport will be.

“The goal is to have a small group that are interested in doing sports outside, and within that group we’re going to decide what we’re going to do,” Vaca-Bustamante said. “We have different possibilities to do outside. We have the ultimate frisbee equipment; we have obviously soccer; we can do kickball; we can do flag football as well.”

Vaca-Bustamante invites anyone interested to contact him via email at for more information and location updates. 

Sewardites 18 and over are invited to play the popular online multiplayer social deduction game “Among Us” Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 4 p.m. The event will be hosted over Zoom, with participants invited to join remotely. 

Among Us is a space-themed social deduction game in which players take on the role of either a Crewmate or an Imposter, with crewmates working together to accomplish certain tasks and eliminate the imposters, while the imposter’s goal is to covertly sabotage and kill the crewmates. Though released in 2018, the game gained a wider popularity in 2020 due in part to the opportunities it affords for socializing while remaining socially distant.

Registration is $1, and prizes will be raffled off after the event’s conclusion. To register, visit the city’s RecDesk page at

Finally, Friday, Jan. 15, the city will host a screening of “Black Panther” for Carpool Movie Night at Seward High School. Tickets cost $10 per car and are available through RecDesk at

For more information on any of the above events or to learn about events planned for later in the month, please contact José Vaca-Bustamante at