The Mount Marathon Race Committee has cancelled the 2020 running of the 93rd Mount Marathon Race. The 93rd running is set for 2021.

The race was earlier postponed from the traditional July 4 running and the committee was reviewing a Labor Day holding. The committee announced on Sunday that it would not hold the race this year.

According to Mount Marathon Race Directory Matias Saari, The committee considered, but rejected, conducting a scaled-back event that would have implemented wave starts with fewer runners, asked spectators to stay away, spread the men’s, women’s and junior races over three days, and eliminated popular elements such as the live auction and awards ceremony.

“The committee felt that a diluted event simply would not do the Mount Marathon Race justice. The heart of Mount Marathon has always included a mass start and thousands of cheering fans on the 4th of July,” Saari said in a press release.

“Not having Mount Marathon in 2020 is a great disappointment and a decision the committee took very seriously,” Saari said. “The committee considered multiple scenarios for attempting to hold a race in 2020. However, it could not adequately mitigate risk and safely adhere to State of Alaska and CDC large community events pandemic guidelines for spectators, participants and volunteers.”

Saari said the committee conducted a survey of the registered runners and found many would not participate in a Labor Day running. Primary reasons for staying away included safety and health concerns due to the pandemic, students returning to college, travel challenges, planned hunting trips and other schedule conflicts, and respecting the Fourth of July race tradition.

“Nearly half the race roster saying they wouldn’t participate on Sept. 6 was very telling,” Saari said.

The entire roster for the 2020 race will be frozen and rolled over to 2021. Anyone planning to participate will be required to re-confirm their registration in March 2021. Since all have the opportunity to participate in 2021, no refunds for 2020 will be granted. Those who opted to use their one-time Skip-A-Year for 2020 will be added to the 2021 roster and retain their Skip-A-Year option.

A registration lottery will be held for junior racers in 2021 because 44 spots will open up from 17-year-olds aging in to the adult races. It is currently unknown whether a lottery for the men’s and women’s races will be possible.

The eight-member committee’s decision was unanimous and included the approval of Saari and Jason Bickling, the director of the Seward Chamber of Commerce, which owns the event.

The Mount Marathon Race is the oldest mountain race in North America, and annually draws about 1,000 runners and many thousands of spectators to Seward. Although held continuously since 1943, the race was not run between 1920 and 1924, from 1932 through 1938, and finally in 1942 as an indirect result of World War II.

The 93rd Mount Marathon Race is now scheduled for July 4, 2021.

The Seward Chamber of Commerce is still planning activities to be held downtown on the Fourth of July weekend.

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