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The Seward Community Library has resumed its Movies@2 screenings at 2 p.m. every Tuesday through Saturday, featuring two half hour documentaries showcasing different aspects of the city’s history. Iditarod National Historic Trail: A History, presented by the Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance (IHTA), will highlight the Iditarod Trail’s history and its connection to Seward. The movie will be immediately followed by Waves Over Seward: The Good Friday Earthquake, presented by the Seward Community Library Association (SCLA).

“The movie is a visual and a verbal story of what it was like to live through the great Alaska earthquake, which was March 27, 1964,” said SCLA President Mary Tougas. “It’s a favorite with the locals, and when they have visitors, they bring their family down to watch the movie, so that they can learn a little bit about what it was like here and the devastation, the destruction of the tidal wave, and the determination of those folks who didn’t leave. There were lots of families who left afterwards, and those that didn’t, they were very determined to rebuild and to bring Seward back into economic strength.”

Iditarod National Historic Trail: A History was produced by the IHTA to commemorate the trail’s centennial and contains interviews with Seward historian Doug Capra, as well as IHTA Board Members Lee Poleske and Dan Seavey.

“It’s very much a documentary of the history the trail, basically,” said Seavey, “early pre-white use, pre-European native use of the trail, and then the gold rush era, then of course the Iditarod, the sled dog race era.” 

“The Iditarod Trail starts here in Seward,” said Library Director Valarie Kingsland, “and a lot of people don’t realize that, and it does a really great job of distinguishing the race and the trail. We have an Iditarod walking trail flyer/brochure that people can take.”

Prior to 2020, the Movies@2 program had been a staple of the library’s summer offerings for a number of years, but COVID precautions forced it into hiatus last season. 

“It was weird not doing it last year,” Kingsland said. “We’re going to make it happen this year.”

Movies@2 will begin on May 18 and run every Tuesday - Saturday until Aug. 28. A $5 donation is suggested to attend the screening, but not required.