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Don was born in Butte, Mont., on Dec. 22, 1942. He was raised in Greybull, Wyo., by his grandparents. He carried a great respect for them and had plans to return to the area this year. He stated that this is where he would like his ashes spread. He worked as a coal miner in Montana at a very young age, and at 15 he convinced his mother to “adjust his age” so he could join the Navy where he served four years as a medic. 

About ten years later he moved to Alaska to try to start a better life for his children. He worked on the pipeline and ran his own blasting businesses, then in the 80s he worked in road construction and helped widen the roads of the Seward Highway that we all use today. He even put in the water pipe at mile 109 where many people stop for the crisp, clear water coming straight out of the mountain. In the 90s Don started working for Red Dog Mine where he stayed on until his retirement in 2013. 

In 1994 Don met the love of his life, Glenda, and her beautiful four-year-old daughter Deja. They married in 1995 and in ‘96 they moved to Seward where they made a wonderful life together on a beautiful riverbed until his death on February 1, 2019. 

He is survived by his wife Glenda; his children Christopher, Raymond, Heidi, Jennifer, Zackary, Dru, Sarah and Deja; and his grandchildren Joshua, Roman, Rhett, Mia, Arlo, Wolf, Aiden and Aniah. Please join us at the American Legion Post 5 in Seward, Alaska, on Saturday April 6, at 1 p.m. for a ceremony, then over to the Breeze Inn at 2 p.m. for a celebration of life.